About Whatever-ism


Why the name?
Whatever-ism is an in-your-face 'ism', it's better than all the other ones. It's got the 'just-do-it' anarchist attitude, the historical materialist Marxist approach to analysis and the antifa raw passion.

But you're obviously an anarchist...
If I'm going to align myself with any movement it's anarchism but that isn't to say that I don't find an awful lot of what anarchists have done and said and told other people to do to be absolute bollocks. For this reason there is an attempt being made here to provide some original thoughts and come up with some new ideas too.

What's the style and content like?
I'm simply not sophisticated and educated enough to get deep into philosophy on here so it remains fairly practical even in the 'theory' section. There are also some attempts to comment on current affairs, discuss practical action and tell some interesting stories from history. I'm active in protests actions and campaigns where possible and where it's not possible I'm reading books and keeping up with the news.

What's it for?
My contribution to our mutual efforts to educate ourselves.

Why is the old stuff so weird?
You will definitely see a progression in the trail of thought that underpins this blog. The earliest posts were from a time that I was calling myself a left-libertarian in the style of C4SS (you can tell them by positive references to 'freed markets' etc.) then I had a long 'anarchist without adjectives'/ mutualist phase and more recently I think I've been writing more in the syndicalist vein and have done a number of posts which do not attempt to hide some Marxist influence and engage with the relationship between Marxists and anarchists.

Political evolution is very common, most members of the working class have to take some time to search for theories and ideas that reflect real life and offer sensible sounding solutions to it's problems. I could easily delete all the old stuff but it was useful for me to think things through at the time and I don't begrudge anyone the chance find it useful and continue on their own journey.

Who posts on here?
I'm going by the name of Dennis Moore on here. I'm not a real person. I am also accepting guest posts  from other anarchist/ libertarian socialist writers (subject to review of course).

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