Attempts at contributing towards anarchist/ socialist theory

Positive Accelerationism - It's winning that energises a movement, not being beaten into the ground to the point where they have nothing to live for and have no choice but to try to put up a desperate fight

Has Identity politics killed solidarity? - A guest post by 'Janet', an antifascist in the UK

The Free Society - We can't know the details but we must provide enough inspiration for people to actually want it. 

Anarchists and Marxists in the 21st Century - Reblogged numerous times, shared on a Marxist website, translated into Spanish on some anarchist sites and causing controversy on Facebook... I think this article may have hit a nerve. 

Identify yourself - Identity politics and the anarchist creed

An Illustrated Anarchist Guide to Housing the First World Poor - First world slums, shanty towns, council estates and 'self-help housing', a guide. 

Maoist Anarchism - How very dare I write an article about anarcho-Maoism??? Too late.

Anarchist Third World Solidarity - Ripping the book up on strategy.

Towards a 21st Century Mutualist Strategy - What are we actually trying to achieve by reviving this long dormant label?

Look after the Movement and the Goals will look after themselves - If movements become internally anarchistic then they will eventually anarchist in their external outlook too. 

Two Serious Problems with Popular Anarchist Thinking - An unexpectedly popular article, read it, give me your views. 

Dear People of the UK, Mutualism - Election fever is dying away hopelessness and fear is setting in in it's place, what will life be like after 5 years of this government? Don't wait around to find out!

The Red Herring of Social Mobility - Does hard work get you to the top? Does it matter? 

Anarchism without Adjectives - Trying to find synergy with the best aspects of anarcho-communism and market anarchism

The Co-operativist Manifesto - Revolutionary co-operativism, theory and practice

The Whatever series:

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