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Solving homelessness; novelty gestures, manipulation or housing activism - Three contemporary approaches to solving homelessness, reviewed. 
The eerie emergence of the spectacle - The first pictures, sound recordings and film ever done by humans and what it meant.

The landscapes of the Chilterns East map - Nothing remotely to do with revolutionary Anarchism, just some pictures I took whilst wandering around on a map. 

You have to force history to change course and it isn't easy - The working class had a decade or two in the sun in western countries post WW2, now it's all going to crap and no amount of good will or good ideas can change it. Only force. 

Elect this you bastards [kicks ballot box over] - A good old moan about election season. 

3 things about writing and 7 of the best articles on the internet - My writing tips and my favourite articles 

In defence of being angry - Why it's okay to get emotional about it all

Spilling my guts - Just me getting it all out

Where are we? - An attempt at reviewing where the movement is today

Get some progress - Walking towards anarchism, even if we don't see how we will achieve it in all it's fullness yet

I do renounce them - Renouncing liberalism

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