Reports from protests and actions

Stories and pictures from a few protests and actions

You can't put details of everything online. I only post up things where nothing untoward seemed to have happened or a good bit of time has passed. I try not to put any compromising pictures of anyone up any way. I wouldn't even be taking pictures at a lot of things but where the conditions are right and I've snapped a few pics and have a little story to tell here here you go....

Justice for Grenfell - (June 2017) - A town hall occupation and protest march two days after the fire.

Attending a lecture by Noam Chomsky (May 2017) - Not an action or a protest but a real life thing I did so I decided to include it here.

London May Day 2017 - Anarchist bloc on the main march

Anti- Trump London Feb 2017 - Protesting against the proposed Trump visit to the UK

Visit to Occupied Sweets Way 2015 - Former council estate partly re-occupied by activists and former/ soon to be evicted residents.

Anti-Bilderberg Watford 2013 - The famously secretive Bilderberg group came to meet in Watford while I lived there. I went to see what what was going on.

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