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Predictions for 2015

Extract: "The extent to which welfare reforms have impacted the help available to homeless people is hard to over estimate, it has been nothing short of devastating. On top of this most of the funding the government handed out to smooth the transition period is now running out, a lot of it was set for two years and it will not be replaced, charities will also have to cut services when they are needed the most. This crisis will tempt the government to look towards measures to criminalise behaviour associated with homelessness but they will know that they have to be careful (anything too harsh that catches the public eye could atract people to the growing activist cause)."

Extract: "On New Years eve 2014 I was bored and decided to make a list of my predictions for the year ahead. I can't be bothered to wait until the end of the year to review it so let's see how I did..."

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