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Not quite theory, not lucid or 'on the button' enough to have ever been current affairs. Just some ideas about things... things which happen... and stuff...

Homelessness, a Tory Minsiter who doesn't get it but who actually does? - When even the 'experts' attempting to show up the stupid Tory minister get it all wrong what chance have we got?

Stop saying that there are only 4134 homeless people in England - How many people are really lacking a home right now?

Nationalisation in the Labour Party Manifesto - an anarchist perspective - I have advocated voting for a Corbyn led Labour party in the 2017 UK general election. The Labour manifesto talks at length about nationalising all kinds of industry, as an anarchist am I now so much of a hypocrite that it's just unthinkable?

Your quick guide to the UK snap general election 2017 - The one where I'm a total hypocrite and endorse a vote for Corbyn's Labour party. I'm serious though. Read the post if you want to know why.

Anti-fascism in action - 5 reasons why antifa are completely different from the fascists 

It's Complex, Stupid - The Versatile Brexit - What do we make of Brexit? A number of things actually. 

A polemic against crap music - Why music is so crap? There is a systematic reason. 

A Welfare Affair - The state is the switch turned off, not on. Our task is to turn on peace, order and justice. 

16 votes and no mule - They took everything from us and left us with a handful of votes. 

Property is power - Property is freedom? Property is theft? .... property is power. 

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