Tuesday, 2 May 2017

International Workers Day 2017 London

Yesterday I joined the anarchist bloc on the London may day march. Anarchists were certainly in the minority. I would estimate maybe 30-40 of us maximum. Class War were there and some people from the London Anarchist Federation + some independents like myself who turned up and tagged along.
Last year I turned up and managed to find about 8 other anarchists so this was a step in the right direction! Would be nice to see a much bigger bloc next year though. 

I'm particularly keen on this because I don't see anarchism as being some fringe rebellious cult that relies on the state and capitalism and all the authoritarians continuing to be there in order to have any identity and meaning. Instead anarchism needs to place itself firmly within the working class revolutionary movement - as the libertarian wing. That's why anarchists should be marching along with the trade unions and all the other international socialist groups making it clear that we're serious and dedicated to the emancipation of our class and global revolution.

Everyone who did turn up was great, a handful of us climbed up on the base of Nelson's Column and waved some black and red flags and held up some good old home made signs, that felt good. The Anarchist Federation had their stall out which seemed to be getting some interest from a few passers by and the main anarchist publication that was being promoted 'Rebel City' is free as well, unlike many of the other groups desperately trying to sell their papers.

I don't think that the "other groups" are all created equally either from an anarchist point of view. Some are fairly friendly and receptive, the group Workers Liberty are pretty chilled with anarchists (even though I don't know much about them and I'm certainly not vouching for them in general!), although the Spartacist League aren't much fun to talk to. 

May day of course has specifically anarchist origins. Let's not be outnumbered by Stalinists next year!

Still a good day out celebrating everything the workers movement has achieved so far while keeping one eye on the future.

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