Monday, 20 February 2017

Anti- Trump Feb 2017

Anti-Trump February 2017

Had a random evening with nothing going on and no responsibilities to be anywhere. Heard there was an anti-trump protest going on in Westminster (protesting over him being invited to come to the UK). Thought I'd get myself down there and see what the mood was like since I hadn't been on the streets in months.

On first arriving I was handed one of the customary banners from one of the Socialist parties, not even sure which one now. Decided to take it so I'd didn't look like a total lost child (I'm not very good at getting stuck in when I turn up to protests alone).

The atmosphere in the square was a bit dull. There was just a big line up of liberal speakers on a big stage and hundreds (possibly thousands) of people watching. I decided to have a look around to see if there was anything more interesting going on.

Found an exciting little group following a van around with speakers on the back. I think they may have been promoting a gig later on that evening or something really but they were whipping everyone up a bit which was cool. Saw one or two anarchists in the mix.

Stood around for a bit until another break-out group formed. Took quite a sizeable section of the main crowd down Whitehall with a mobile band playing. Police came and shut it down in the end without much in the way of protest from the crowd.

Left wondering what to make of it all. In general I decided that it was good to have turned up and nice to see so many people anti-Trump but slightly disappointed at how liberal and calm the atmosphere was.

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