Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Trump wins - reaction

It took me a week to respond to brexit and I felt very late in doing it so I'm getting my thoughts out on Trump right off the bat, right here on the sofa I woke up on.

"I don't understand" this is the middle class liberal catch phrase this morning. No, you don't understand do you? This is what we've been telling you.

You don't understand that a lot of white people are horrible racists, you don't understand that black and brown people have grown up with this their entire lives, it's not something brand new to 2016, you don't understand that the world wasn't 'basically fine' until the UK voted for Brexit and the US voted for Trump.

And...You also don't understand why, however deluded it was, that voting for Trump was a protest by some people, a lot of whom have nothing, or are loosing what little they've got, hope included. You can't understand what there was to protest about, why poor white people would have anything to moan about because you only talk about privilege and oppression to put them in their place because you know better and your superior and better educated.

The world was shit before, but you didn't understand then either so you haven't got a clue what's going on now.

"I'm scared" this is the next thing they say. Scared of what? You'll be the last ones to be affected by any of this, yet you are the ones that quake in your boots at the first sight of far-right populism, never mind fascism and run to try to make alliances with bankers (Paul Mason). All this while working class people have been beating back fascist street movements for years. If you're supposed to be 'left wing' you can shove it up your asses. Let's all jump on a plane to Canada just because they've got some trendy asshole prime minister and run away.

Do black people who have been shot down in the streets, thrown into prison en masse and executed by the state and had any meagre wealth they had managed to get completely wiped out by the recession have an overriding reason to be "scared" now that Trump has won?

Do asian people in the UK who were sent of to Guantanamo, spied on, had rocks thrown at them, sent to re-education courses and had their kids taken away for fear that they might be extremists if they spoke out about Biriths imperialism have something brand new to fear because of the Brexit vote?

Do any of them have the option to run away even if they wanted to?

Get it together or shut up.

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