Friday, 29 July 2016

Elect this you bastards [kicks ballot box over]

Every election is the same.

I'm reminding myself here as much as anyone else!

It gets advertised and hyped up so much that it feels like it matters loads at the time and that this one is different/ more significant in some way. They're all the same, always, things stay shit whatever the outcome.

No matter who gets elected the economic pressure to do what all other candidates would also be forced to do is always too strong.

Trump would do the same basic things as Hillary, so would Bernie have, ultimately so would Jezza here in the UK. If they deviate from the set path ahead of them they will crash the system and they know they can't do that and so ultimately they don't do it. They follow the logic of the system and they package their policies differently to make it possible to just about distinguish between them.

What happened in Greece last year was absolutely instructive on this. It was what finally convinced me that it's never ever going to work, nor will it even help (I had long had a belief that it was a failed strategy but I wanted to watch closely to see what would happen in real life): A whole party of Corbyns got in, (not one party split between Corbyn types and Blairite types) and they still gave in under pressure and did what they had to do, what the system made them do, betraying everyone who voted for them and finally they became the enemy.

Left wingers saying that they can take you back to the good old days of the post-war decades with council houses and hospitals for all are lying or they're stupid. They can't do it and they won't do it.

Then on the other hand you get a right winger talking about building walls and kicking immigrants out. No they won't (which is good obviously). Open borders is a weird coincidence for us because capitalists want it too (and we've never actually won open borders like we won weekends and 8 hour days, we only win open borders when we cut fences, not when the EU erases them within Europe but lets third world refugees die attempting to enter from the outside). If you think for a second a Prime Minister in the UK could seriously consider sending all Eastern European migrants back to Eastern Europe because of 'Brexit' then you're an idiot. What Prime Minister would allow the catastrophe this would result in happen on their watch? Hospitals having to close for lack of staff, transport networks not functioning... won't happen.

Equally, anyone who thinks that Trump would really be able to build a big wall and kick all the Mexican immigrants out of the USA is plain wrong. American businesses are reliant on cheap labour from illegal immigrants. The right wing leaders are still awful but there is no reason at all to think that it's absolutely of critical importance to vote for some slick fake lefty just to stop them doing something insanely evil like this because they simply won't (what is really dangerous from the right wing is the movements of ordinary people that get caught up believing the crap that the politicians preach distracting people from the real struggle and in the worst case they could manage to bring about their own revolution if they aren't stopped).  

Politicians all end up the same because they have to be. They manage capitalist economies and they ensure that they keep working. That's the job.

Few or none have the strength of leadership or the willpower to resist the pressure and I genuinely believe that if someone was strong enough to do that they would end up having a little accident (see the history of left wing leaders getting bumped off or kicked out in coups in Latin and Central America before you say anything about conspiracy theories).

The revolution can't happen that way. It never will. Stay strong. Don't believe the hype.

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