Friday, 2 October 2015

Was I right? 2015, the year so far.

On New Years eve 2014 I was bored and decided to make a list of my predictions for the year ahead. I can't be bothered to wait until the end of the year to review it so let's see how I did:

What was I right about?

What was I wrong about?

  • That UKIP would get 15+ seats. Never have I been so happy to have been wrong. I despise that scummy little party so much it's obscene. 
  • The push for drug legalisation continues but it's not really much more of a thing than it was last year. 
  • Russell Brand might well be describing the Greens, SNP and Paid Cymru as the answer to all our troubles but we wouldn't know about it because he's gone. He's stopped doing the Trews and we don't really hear from him any more much. He was interesting while he lasted. I didn't expect him to turn to Labour at the last moment though, that was weird.
What didn't I see coming?

  • Jezza. The coming of Jezza has changed the story of this year. At a time when I predicted a practical insurgency he's drawn lefty people back into supporting labour. I should be horrified but I'm not ruling him out as potentially interesting still, I'm not even completely sure why.  
  • I didn't realise how bad the refugee crisis was going to become. I should have said something about it in the original post really.
I'll try to do another of these soon. I'm going to try to get even more specific. I'll probably focus in a bit more on housing and a handful of other issues I've been following and thinking about more closely though. 

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