Thursday, 15 October 2015

I do renounce them.

Modern liberalism is incoherent nonsense. Not only can it be accurately laughed off as all fluffy slogans and style and no bite it is also built on a foundation of lies.

Did you ever get told about the importance of being balanced? It's a ridiculous obsession that stems from the belief that not only can we balance good and evil inside of us but that society can tolerate a balance of good and evil within it. Perhaps this is why we see edgy hippies go to the beach and stack stones up like this. 

"Good and evil???" I hear you cry, "those are loaded terms!" Yes, yes they are. In this case lets call oppression, exploitation and hierarchy social evils and lets call freedom, co-operation and equality social goods.

We hear them preach about how landlords and tenants should be able to see how they both benefit each other, how workers and bosses should be able to get a long in harmony, nay, in joy.  

Bollocks. It can't be done. 

The reason for this particular stupidity is that liberals see the state of tension that society is in and mistake it for balance. Tension might look like balance to an outsider but it's a completely different animal to the people actually involved. 

Most of those people creating the tension, on both sides, are fully concious of their mutually exclusive interests and they pull to win. The liberals are merely commentating. Poorly. 

Sometimes the ruling class drag us in their direction a bit, some times we drag them in our direction a bit. As yet no one has ever finally won and so we live with oxymoronic concepts like 'the welfare state' or notions of 'responsible capitalism' that represent, not a balance of interests, but simply the current state of the battleground, perennially subject to change if either side gets a rush of strength or the opponent weakens. 

The interests of the oppressed can never be balanced with that of the oppressor. The ruling class pulls one way to maximise the exploitation, to impose their social status and to barrage us with their propaganda and we pull the other way as we try to resist. 

An inch for them is an inch lost to me and an inch to me is an inch lost to them. That's how it is. We aim to defeat the bad guys, not to find peace with evil. 

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