Friday, 31 July 2015

Visit to occupied Sweets Way July 2015

Visit to occupied Sweets Way July 2015

Was in London visiting some friends. Two of us decided to make an excursion out to visit occupied council estate (due for demotion at the time) Sweets Way.

Took us a while of wandering round an eerie empty council estate to find the occupied bit. There were two sections. One had a hippy type group living in it called Sweetstopia. Full of confusing messages written on the walls and barricades erected at each end of the street (presumably ready to defend against bailiffs). The other was an activist group Sweets Way Resists who were doing up the people's show home ready to get the media in to show that the houses could be done up for cheap and that it wasn't necessary to evict every resident, flatten the houses and replace them with mainly un-affordable ones!

We spent an hour or so doing a bit of gardening with them and chatting but we were worried that we were getting in the way. We decided to go and buy them some tools to contribute towards the efforts instead of standing around asking what to do next distracting the people who knew what they were doing.

Really inspiring to see what was being done. 

Unfortunately afterwards the last few homes were evicted with brutal force from bailiffs with activists and ex-residents being dragged out kicking and screaming. The people's show home was then destroyed too. 

So kind of: Inspirational and then subsequently really anger-inspiring.

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