Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Become an anarchist in 5 easy steps

Become an anarchist in 5 easy steps:

So you are considering doing a political conversion to anarchism. The internet is a wonderful place and I've found 5 articles to take you on a journey.

The journey begins by showing clearly and convincingly that our representative democracy isn't representing our interests and how only the 1% get their way. We will then move the next article which goes further to explain how the state is essentially the armed wing of the 1%, suggesting to me, and hopefully to the reader, that efforts to try to reform such an institution are likely to meet with bitter disappointment. After this we take a quick look at the welfare state, (the one bit you thought was nice) and see how it simply allows the super-rich to socialise the costs of their system whilst privatising the profits. Then we get all philosophical and wonder, what if a true democratic system would be the real solution? And we see that the answer to freedom lovers is no, even then we could end up in a situation where majority groups bully and oppress minorities. Finally without a second to spare you will be treated to a range ideas as to how things could be done instead.

1.       Realise that the current system of democracy is a sham and that even representative democracy is still a long way off (
2.       Learn about why the economic elite and the government work hand in hand, how it benefits them both (
3.       Learn about how the welfare state is simply a part of how this system functions (
4.       Understand why representative democracy itself is an unjust system (
.       Learn the basics of how a stateless society could function :

a.       Anarcho-Communism:

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