Saturday, 8 June 2013

Anti-Bilderberg protests June 2013

What do you do when an international formerly secret group of some of the riches capitalists and most influential politicians book out a massive posh hotel on the edge of your town?

What do you also do if you are slightly confused about your own politics at the time and are vaguely calling yourself a left libertarian because you read some articles on line and also don't really know anyone else who is one?

What do you do if most of people planning to turn up and protest it are weird conspiracy theorists and even the evil fascist BNP are threatening to turn up to protest too?

In my case you go and have a look.

I hadn't been to a protest of any kind for about 7 years since having gone a long to some anti-war protests when I first arrived in London in 2006. 

On arrival a small field with a distant view to the hotel, but with a close view of the cars coming in and going out was designated as the protest area but apparently it was full leaving large numbers of people outside stuck standing on the pavement and spilling into the road. Once they decided we were more hassle outside the police decided that it was now not full after all and let a load of people in.

Once I got inside I was asked by some guy if I had a bank account. Sadly I had to confess that I did have one. I was told that this meant that I had acquiesced to the entire system. I had a wander around for a bit. The crowd weren't really holding up many flags or banners. I was told that earlier in the day they'd been playing rage against the machine at the people coming in and jeering at them. This was a little bit reassuring.

I also managed to find someone I knew who was involved with some guardian journalists. One of whom broke the Edward Snowden story the next day which was cool. 

As the evening drew on my phone battery died so I didn't get any more pictures. Some speakers got up including David Icke and Alex Jones. 

I was aware of Alex Jones through having been interested in conspiracy theories a number of years earlier. I don't really remember what he spoke about apart from shouting towards the hotel with a megaphone about 1776 and 1986. I then briefly met him in person afterwards as a bunch of people were asking him questions. An Indian guy asked him something about the situation in India and he made some vaguely positive comments about how the same solutions were necessary and that Indians were being treated especially badly by the globalists. 

Back then Alex Jones was sticking to the libertarian script a lot more closely and used to focus most of his energy on the state. He claimed that most terror attacks were faked by the CIA and MI5/ 6 and that Muslims were not a threat. I noticed in the years after that his message changed a lot! 

Now I would never have anything to do with him and wouldn't turn up to something like this unless it was with a bunch of like minded anarchists/ anti-fascists to hold out own protest and make it very clear that we weren't with those guys and opposed them too!

(written in 2017)

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